ColdFusion debugging for free

There are a few tools out there for ColdFusion debugging. You also get some debugging tools with the CFML alternatives. As I started using more and more ajax as well as CFCs, there were times that I needed to debug something that had problems with displaying the results. If you are making an ajax call […]

Back in business

I created a new AWS server and got everything working again. I was on a Windows server with ColdFusion and PHP. I am now on an Ubuntu 12.04LTS server running Railo 4 and PHP5. When I initially got the site back up and running, the ColdFusion and PHP were not playing nice together. I could […]

Site offline

My life has been busy. I am in the middle of selling my house and accidentally let my domain expire long enough to go into redemption. It cost almost $100 to take it out of redemption so I let it run all the way through and get released for purchase and then re-bought it. I […]

Using jqGrid with a ColdFusion CFC

I have needed a nice fast grid layout several times. The one packaged with ColdFusion can be slow and restricting at times. Since I love jQuery now, I started Googling for other options. A nice mature project exists from It has every feature you can imagine. I used that grid a few times in […]

Image gallery

I’m horrible with names, so the title may be really bad. I was given a site today that needed some image changes. The previous developer had used a pre-built javascript that was around 200 lines long to fade the main image out and the new one in based on the thumbnail clicked. I was told […]

jQuery dialog

Let me start by saying I love jQuery. Two years ago I would have punched anyone that told me I had to learn it. Things change and this old dog tries to change with them. I was required to change a site from ColdFusion’s ajax to jQuery. Forced me to learn a lot very quickly. […]

Pop-Up Window

I may get some hate mail for this one, but having just created this site I felt the need to make a first post. I had this code laying around and thought someone might find it useful. I very much dislike pop-up as I’m sure most of you do. They have their place. I found […]

New Site

Welcome to my blog.  This site will be a completely random collection of my thoughts.  Whatever is on my mind.  Stick around.